Hudson County Justice Complex Achieving Diversity and Inclusion Goals

Hudson County’s Frank J. Guarini Justice Complex project has already achieved and is poised to surpass the ambitious goals initially set at commencement of the project for diversity and inclusion among the vendors awarded contracts as part of the construction team. In cooperation with the Hudson County Improvement Authority and the Hudson County Office of Business Opportunity, the project’s design-builder, Terminal Construction, has already met and is on track to significantly surpass goals for awarding 30% of contract funds to disadvantaged business enterprises (XBE), including minority and women owned businesses, veteran-owned businesses, small businesses and Hudson County based businesses.

“I’m proud of how this project is on track to far exceed our ambitious diversity and inclusion goals for project vendors while we continue to make impressive contruction progress,” said Hudson County Executive Thomas A. DeGise. “Making sure that all members of our community can participate in and benefit from a transformational project of this scale has always been a priority for my administration.”

While the goal for the project was to award $92,850,000 to XBE firms, to date over $98 million has been awarded and over $141 million is committed to award to XBE firms – exceeding the original goal by over 50%. Hudson County’s diversity and inclusion efforts are focused on assuring that opportunity exists among these businesses to gain experience and grow capacity through participation in the project.

Additional project information can be found at the project website